Special Take-Home Menu

During the developing COVID-19 outbreak and quarantine, we will be putting out a weekly menu for take-home meals.

All orders should be emailed to dinnerfromthelocal@gmail.com.

Please have all orders in by 10 AM on the day of.
We will reply and verify delivery/pickup times, order specifics, and payment. We are also available for Growler fills and takeout beer at our Quakertown location (201 E. Broad Street, Quakertowntown, PA). We will be open from 1-7 for takeout beer, and 4-7 for dinner pick up.


MENU FOR 4/6 - 4/20
"Braves" Beef Bourguignon - $17 per person
Pork Chop w/ Bourbon Berry Sauce - $14 per person
Chicken w/ Amaretto Apple Shallot Sauce - $12 per person
Salmon w Fresh Herbs, Bacon Mushrooms - $14 per person
Curried Crispy Chick Peas w/ Asparagus - $12 per person

Mac and Cheese - $6
Bacon Balsamic Brussels Sprouts - $7
Roasted Rosemary Red Bliss Potato - $7/qt
Garlicky Greens - $6
Chili - $12/qt
Potato Bacon Leek - $10/qt


Butterscotch Budino - $7


Everything can be made Gluten Free by request. Please notify us of any allergies.






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